o14u · Only one for you

On display in the o14u art and design Shop you will find a wide range of unique items. All of the items are produced exclusively by o14u.

o14u is a designer product and services shop, where an exclusive collection of luxurious items have been carefully selected. For those who have everything they need. Make someone feel special, or simply treat yourself, with a unique and memorable arty item. All our products are unique and unrepeatable, handmade and customized to the taste of our customers.

No one in the world will have an item equal to yours.


o14u Only One For You

Custom luxury services, products and gifts


All our products are developed using the latest technology and luxurious materials with the highest quality.

The development process of our work is based on innovation and absolute customization of our works.

Before make the piece we have contact with the buyer in order to perform a product absolutely customized.

That’s why

o14u Only One For You

is the only brand that will make you feel unique.

Unique customized gifts for unique and special people.

Each product is personalized being unique in its category for that person you love.

Luxury, art and design is what makes our shop different.